SIGNing the Song: The Power of BELONGing


We’ve never experienced anything like this.
Completely Transformative.

The Power of BELONGing

William’s keynote is a “must-see experience for all educators”.

Join him on a spectacular journey of BELONGing through the beautiful fusion of American Sign Language (ASL), personal story, and song to remind us all of the incredible impact we can have on our students. Just a 5-minute connection can change a life…forever!

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Musically Spectacular.



William’s Key Messages



Each and every one of us deserve a place be accepted and loved unconditionally. Our schools and classrooms should be the pinnacle of BELONGing by creating safe and loving spaces for our students to learn, grow, and thrive.

  • BELONGing is a fundamental human need. It’s part of our design.
  • Equity, access, language, and community are all essential for creating a sense of BELONGing.
  • Our words and actions can have a forever impact on students.
Personal Power

Personal Power

You are the most POWERful person in your life. We spend so much of our life giving our power away to things we cannot control. Regain your power and create the life you want to live.

  • Regain your power by reframing your situations by what you can control
  • Get into forward action instead of a spinning conversation of complaints
  • You? You? You? Do. Do! DO!
  • Where are you giving away your power? How do you get it back? How do you keep it!?
Just a 5-Minute Connection

Just a 5-Minute Connection

We never truly realize just how incredibly impactful our connections are. In just five minutes you can define a child in a way that will stay with them for a lifetime. Positive or negative. Therefore, we must powerfully connect to a student so they feel worth it, seen, heard, safe, and unconditionally loved.

  • Every student deserves an authentic connection regardless of who they are.
  • Connection is absolutely essential for student engagement. When students feel connected to their teachers and peers, the possibilities of full participation in learning, activities, and life is astounding.

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Not at all! Although William uses ASL throughout, he is always speaking or singing simultaneously. He also teaches a few impactful words in ASL during The Power of BELONGing keynote, giving the audience another tool to remember his message.

The Power of BELONGing is best presented in 75 minutes.

Nope! William has presented for thousands in an arena to 15 people in a board room. His impact is powerful regardless of the size of the audience.

William loves to travel! No place is too big or small. International requests are also welcomed! #Passport #WorldTraveler

You can contact William directly. Click here to contact him.

William can make almost any situation work! We have a very easy to read tech needs sheet that can explain everything in simple terms. Send us an email for more info!

Access to language is a human right. The Deaf and HOH world must have ASL interpreters provided by the event hosts for all keynotes, sessions, meet-ups, lunches, or anywhere speaking or sound will occur and they are present. They deserve an equal experience AT ALL TIMES. The Power of BELONGing keynote and any other session given by William contains a heavy amount of ASL, but are not presented by him through SimCom. Interpreters must be provided for full respect to the ASL language and Deaf community. If anyone from that community is present…interpreters must be present. (Also, tell William so he can meet them! #CODAForLife #CODALove #AccessToLanguage)

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